Unfortunately, First Class is becoming extinct as more airlines abandon their most luxurious cabin in favor of a more improved and competitive Business Class. First Class is now only available on a few ‘high-yield’ routes with heavy business traffic and enough people willing to pay for the privilege (e.g. New York to London or Singapore to Paris). First Class is known for its excellent ground service (with limo transfers and dedicated lounges), lie-flat seats (with superb bedding), personalized onboard service, and outstanding meal service (with high-quality champagne & caviar).

There are certain airlines that do luxury travel better than the rest for those looking for an elevated flying experience. Booking your next first-class ticket on any of these airlines is guaranteed to create an unforgettable lifetime memory of maximum comfort and style.

Etihad Airways is an international airline based in Abu Dhabi. With their recent innovations in comfort and style in their luxury cabin, they raise luxury standards to new heights. The “First Apartments” concept from Etihad is more than just a first-class seat; it’s more like a private hotel in the sky. Guests can relax in a completely private compartment that includes a bed, a spacious leather armchair, a full entertainment system, a private bathroom, and a shower. The privacy doors can be lowered to join apartments for those travelling together. Every detail has been considered, from the artwork to the cozy cabin slippers provided. The food is excellent middle eastern cuisine or, upon request, western cuisine. The fun begins even before you board, as first class airport lounges are known to be among the most opulent on the market.

Singapore Airlines remains a luxury travel industry leader, particularly with their recently upgraded first class cabins. Each first-class passenger has access to a full lie-flat bed as well as a large leather armchair. Each cabin includes a 32-inch HD television monitor and a personal closet. If you are travelling as a couple, you can turn your adjacent cabins into a double bed room. It also has mood lighting in the walls and carpet to create a romantic atmosphere.

Emirates takes a distinct approach to its first-class cabins. Their luxury seats are actually inspired by the interiors of a Mercedes-Benz S class. Comfort and style are at the forefront of its design, from plush, ergonomic leather armchairs that recline into a full lie-flat bed to the chic floor to ceiling sliding doors. Thanks to NASA-powered virtual windows, every first-class passenger has a view even from the middle seat. For passengers who prefer privacy, each suite has a service window through which food and drinks can be served while remaining undisturbed. Most first-class passengers praise the service, both in flight and before departure. First-class passengers can request private airport transfers in a Mercedes or BMW, no less. First-class airport lounges are modern and sleek in design, and they are known for serving an enormous selection of food, drinks, and alcohol.

Qatar Airways first class seats have extra wide seats and compartments for maximum comfort and relaxation. Each leather seat is plush and spacious, and it converts to a full lie-flat bed. You have your own HD television set and table. Tables can be extended for passengers who want to dine together, and an in-flight cocktail bar is available. The details are what truly distinguishes the Qatar Airways first class experience. From the privacy partition that can be raised with the push of a button to the in-flight grooming and hygiene kit with name brand products. They will thought of everything to make the most luxurious in-flight experience possible.

Korean Airlines Kosmo Suites, which are available on most of their aircraft, provide the ultimate in luxury travel. First-class seats include a large chair that converts to a lie-flat bed, a personal HD television screen, and privacy partitions on all sides.
The on-board experience is truly luxurious. First-class passengers can expect welcome drinks of Perrier-Jout Belle Epoque Champagne, hors d’oeuvres of high-end caviar, comfy pajamas, a luxury brand hygiene kit, and more.
Passengers frequently comment on the quality of the food selection and in-flight service in Korean Airlines’ first class cabin. They even provide noise-cancelling earphones so that you can fully enjoy your in-flight entertainment system.

In terms of luxury, Lufthansa Group dominates the European airline industry. Lufthansa Airlines, their flagship carrier, is based in Germany. The experience begins when you check in and are greeted by a personal assistant. First-class passengers can enjoy ergonomic seats that convert into a 2 meter (over 6 feet) bed with temperature-regulating duvets for maximum comfort in flight. The restroom is enormous, and each passenger is given a luxury brand hygiene kit. On top of the incredible cuisine, meals are served on fine china, and you can indulge in fine wine and caviar. Their airport lounges are stylish and comfortable, with unexpected touches like a cigar lounge and a jacuzzi in Munich, their hub location. All lounges have onsite dining as well as cocktail or wine bars.

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