Can Snaptravel Actually Help You Save Money?

Everyone wants to get the best hotel and flight deals, no matter how frequently they travel. Snaptravel claims to be able to find cheaper hotels than other online travel sites. When it comes to planning a trip to a distant country or city, many people rely on travel agents to find the best hotel deals. However, some people dislike having to contact a travel agent, while others despise the waiting game that must be played while the agent searches for the best deals. If you are this type of traveler, you should look into Snaptravel.

Snaptravel is a hotel booking service that is operated in part by bots and in part by humans. This platform can help you find some of the best hotel discounts and deals. Snaptravel is similar to an online hotel search engine in some ways. When it finds a good deal for you, the website will send you the details almost immediately.  Its speed is entirely due to the bots that operate behind the scenes they function similarly to the bots found on Facebook Messenger, providing you with useful information such as boarding passes and shipping details. Snaptravel, on the other hand, employs real people to guide the process and ensure that everything goes as planned.

What exactly is SnapTravel?

SnapTravel, a Canadian startup founded in 2016, uses artificial intelligence to find customers the best prices on hotels and flights. According to Globe Tender, by August 2020, they will have assisted in the booking of more than 350,000 nights in over 150 countries. SnapTravel bills itself as a “travel agent through messaging.” Their services include a platform for booking accommodation, such as Snaptravel hotels or Snaptravel Flights, with the goal of providing customers with the most recent cheap travel deals. They provide promotions and great rates through 1:1 private chats via SMS, Whatsapp, or Messenger. You send them a message with your city and date preferences, and they will respond with Snap Travel’s customized travel deals, which you can then easily take advantage of with a few clicks.

How Does Snaptravel Function?

Snaptravel is a hotel booking service, so it will do all of the hotel research for you. All you have to do is enter your travel dates and the location you’ll be visiting. Snaptravel will then work its magic and present you with the top three best deals it could find.

Snaptravel will also show you how much money you can save compared to booking with other well-known services like But it’s in Snaptravel’s private messaging feature that the magic happens. The service claims that “hotels sell unsold inventory to Priceline and Hotwire” because the prices are simply too low to display publicly. As a result, Snaptravel’s 1-1 messaging feature is a win-win situation because you won’t have to guess the hotel’s name, and the price won’t have to be hidden because it won’t be displayed in public.

How to Make Use of Snaptravel

Snaptravel is very simple to use, and people from all walks of life should have no trouble navigating the site. Snaptravel will ask you which contact method you prefer after you enter your destination, dates, and number of guests. SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp are the three options available. According to Hussein Fazal, Snaptravel’s founder, Facebook Messenger currently provides the best experience. Snaptravel will send you results as soon as you select your preferred method. You can then enter additional criteria to narrow down your search even further, such as preferred amenities, budget, rewards programs, and so on. You can do so via the chat window or by selecting “Filter Results.”

Snaptravel Advantages and Features

Aside from the incredible discounts, there are other advantages to using Snaptravel. Snaptravel, for example, takes pride in its 24-hour customer service team. When you receive Snaptravel chats, you can respond by chatting with the company’s bots if you have any questions or need clarification. If you are not satisfied with the responses, type “agent” in the chat box and you’ll be automatically connected to a live representative. The best part is that you can do everything via text or chat. You no longer have to waste time on the phone, but if you still want to speak with Snaptravel’s team, the company has a customer service phone number: 1-877-778-2321. Snaptravel offers price matching as well. If you are unfamiliar with the term, price matching occurs when a company offers a discount or a better deal if you find another service that offers a lower price than what the company initially offered. For example, if you find another website that offers a better deal than Snaptravel for the hotel you want, Snaptravel will match the competitor’s price.

What Are the Advantages of Snaptravel?

The following are some of the major advantages of using Snaptravel over booking directly through an airline or hotel or through another online travel agency, such as Expedia.

Simple to Use

Snaptravel is extremely simple to use, and the company’s website is extremely user-friendly. You simply enter basic trip information and instantly gain access to your deals.

After that, you can book directly through Snaptravel and add upgrades. Snaptravel also stores all of your trip information and confirmations, so everything about your trip is in one place.

The Best Hotel and Flight Deals

Snaptravel users have access to some of the best flight and hotel deals available. Many Snaptravel reviewers claim that when comparing rates with other travel websites, hotels, or airlines directly, Snaptravel consistently had the best rates. When booking through Snaptravel, customers typically receive 30-50% lower rates.

Customizable Offers

Snaptravel finds rates tailored to your specific requirements. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all deals, you can search for the exact type of flight or hotel you require. You can request room types, upgrades, and more, in addition to information like your trip dates, to get a completely personalized deal.

24/7 Customer Service

Snaptravel customers can contact customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Snaptravel employs a combination of bots and human agents to assist with questions, concerns, and complaints. Customer service can be reached via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or SMS. You can also contact Snaptravel’s customer service at 1-833-600-5830.

It’s completely free!

It will not cost you anything to use Snaptravel. You only pay for the flights or hotel stays that you select. If you’re interested, you can join the VIP program for $5 per month, but this isn’t required to get deals and book your trip.

Can Snaptravel Deals be refunded?

Hotel and flight reservations made through Snaptravel may be refundable. While some hotel stays and flights can be canceled for a full refund, the majority of Snaptravel’s deals are non-refundable. When you cancel certain trips, you may be able to receive Snaptravel credits to use on a future booking. Check you’re booking confirmation or type “my bookings” into the messaging thread to find out about your Snaptravel refund policy. Also, keep in mind that you may be charged if the hotel or airline changes or cancels your reservation.

Snaptravel currently has a Covid-19 cancellation policy and is more accommodating when it comes to refunds. If your trip is non-refundable and you must cancel due to a Covid-19-related issue, contact the support team, and they will make every effort to obtain a full refund for you.

Is SnapTravel worth the money?

Consider using SnapTravel to make the booking process for your next travel adventure seamless and simple. You can get great deals on Snaptravel hotels and flights with just a few taps on your phone! While there are many conflicting SnapTravel reviews out there, it is easy to become overwhelmed. The majority of SnapTravel’s negative reviews are based on fluctuating and dynamic accommodation prices, which work in the same way as larger travel providers like While they could do a better job of communicating this, SnapTravel has no control over the dynamic fluctuation of prices.  Check out SnapTravel to see if you can find the cheap flights or hotels you are looking for!


Is Snaptravel a trustworthy service that can truly help you save money? Many customers would definitely say yes! Snaptravel has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers who had a positive experience with Snaptravel. If you want the expertise of a travel agent without having to deal with an actual travel agent, Snaptravel is a great option.

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