Emirates Airways A brief History – Destinations & Passenger Services

Emirates Airlines began operations in 1985, with only two aircraft. The airline’s first flight was from Dubai to Karachi in October of the same year. Within a year, the airline had expanded to include destinations such as Cairo, Colombo, and Dhaka, among others. Emirates Airlines has quickly grown to become one of the world’s top international airlines. In fact, it was so successful in its first year that Gulf Air’s profits dropped by an estimated 56 percent. Emirates Airlines has chosen not to join any of the three major airline alliances. The airline believes it will be a ‘barrier’ to progress because alliances will be required partners’ agreement to move and react in the market.

Emirates Airlines’ destinations

Emirates Airlines conducts around 3,600 flights each week from its hub at Dubai International Airport. These travel to over 140 locations worldwide, ranging across 81 countries. That’s not everything. Every year, the airline adds numerous new destinations to its roster of flight operations. It has codeshare agreements with a number of international carriers, including Air India, JetBlue, South African Airways, Korean Air, and Malaysia Airlines. Emirates flights to India, as well as Emirates flights to the United States, are in high demand.

A fleet of Emirates Airlines

According to estimations as of October 2017, Emirates Airlines operates a vast fleet of more than 200 aircraft. The airline is well-known for operating the world’s largest Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 fleets. Emirates Airlines does not have any narrow-body aircraft in its mainline fleet. The planes used by the airline are outfitted with amenities meant to provide maximum comfort to passengers. Emirates Executive is served by an Airbus A319-100 aircraft.

Emirates Airlines provides services

Cabin Amenities

First Class There are two styles of seating in First Class cabins. A private room and gourmet meals, among other services, are available in the First Class section of an Emirates Airlines trip. You will also be provided premium beverages in-flight and have access to their Shower spa.

Business Class Winged headrests, massage facilities, a divider for seclusion, individual reading lights, and angled flatbeds are among the Business Class cabin features. On ICE, you can also watch over 600 channels of entertainment. So book Emirates business class flights to experience luxury travel at its finest.

Economy Class cabins have their own set of comfort features, such as adjustable headrests, laptop charging outlets in-seat, and ICE in-flight entertainment with over 3000 channels. In the event that the Economy Class is fully occupied, Emirates Airlines (EK) gives upgrades to some travelers.

Dining on Emirates flights

Emirates Airlines has some of the world’s most diverse food offerings. When catering to its guests, the airline considers their dietary requirements, age, religious beliefs, and preferences. The airline provides this in all travel classes. While halal meals are included in the airline services, you must arrange special meals at least 24 hours before the flight.

Membership Card in Digital Form

Obtaining an Emirates Airlines Digital Membership Card will be one of the most advantageous things you can do. You may simply access your membership card via the Emirates App and even store it on your Smartphone. This method allows you to enjoy tier benefits and earn miles much more easily.

System of In-Flight Entertainment

Few people are aware that Emirates Airlines was one of the first international airlines to use a personal entertainment system on a commercial trip. Today, all three Emirates flight classes offer this feature, which is divided into two parts: ICE and ICE widescreen, which is digital.


To gain access to 33 Emirates lounges in 32 different cities, you must be a First or Business Class passenger on the airline. These luxurious lounges are also available to Skywards Platinum and Gold members. Skywards Silver members have exclusive access to the Dubai Airport lounges.


Chauffeur-driven airport transportation services are available to First and Business class travelers in over 60 cities. These services are complementary in nature, and it is well known that Emirates Airlines only utilizes the best vehicles for this purpose, such as Mercedes Benz and Volvo V70.

Skywards allows you to accumulate miles quickly

Emirates has its unique incentive scheme in which you accumulate miles on every flight and reap the advantages swiftly. The reward system application takes less than five minutes, and if you sign up on your first flight, you will automatically earn 2500 more miles!

At 25,000 miles, you achieve the Silver level and, for example, have access to a business lounge in Dubai. At 50,000 miles, you will be promoted to Gold Member and will be able to use practically all of the Emirates Lounges. The nicest feature is that you can use and accumulate miles on other flights with which Emirates is affiliated. Virgin America, Jet star, Qantas, and Korean Air Miles are among them not sure if it’s still the case but became a Skyward member with Emirates Airways shortly after signing up for their air miles program, you will receive a flight upgrade to Business Class, flying in business class is fantastic! The only disadvantage is that once you ever travel to Business Class, you will never want to fly Economy again!

The best part: there’s ice cream!

Ice cream is available at Emirates! Not aware of any other airline does this how awesome is that?

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why Emirates Airways is my preferred airline. The flights aren’t much more expensive than other carriers, and you begin your vacation comfortably, full of food (and ice cream), and with excellent hospitality.

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