5 Most Romantic Drives Around the World

The heart is always searching for more, and it is through movement that the heart finds fulfillment. If you are someone who blooms with the emotion of adventure, we have compiled a list of the five most exciting and heart-fulfilling carports from around the world that should be added to your bucket list.

Hana Highway, Maui, US

Hawaii is a place where you can find beauty anywhere you look. However, we have singled out the 60-mile drive that connects the charming town of Hana with the rest of Maui as a must-see. The road, lined with cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests and the ocean, is a visual treat.

Touge Roads of Mount Fuji, Japan

The Touge Roads of Mount Fuji are an excellent destination for those who enjoy taking drives across picturesque streets. The streets leading up to Mt Fuji have steep turns – guaranteed to give you an exhilarating experience. Not only will the winding roads give you a thrill, the beautiful trees lining the course with the stunning Mt Fuji in the background – create a feeling of romance!


Argentina’s Ruta 40 is one of the longest stretches of highway in the world, covering more than 4800 km (3000 miles). The highway winds its way from the top of Argentina to the southern tip of the mainland, running alongside and sometimes within the Andes Mountain range. The route connects 20 national parks and passes through some of the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet.


The Transfagarasan Highway in Romania is one of the most spectacular mountain roads in Europe. With its endless twists and turns, spooky pitch black tunnels (the longest is over 800 meters or 2600 feet), the Transfagarasan makes for an exciting trip through Dracula territory.


The Lysebotn Road is considered one of the most breathtaking and scenic roads in Europe, although it is only accessible during five months of the year when it is snow free and safe. It starts with a trilling ascent – with 27 challenging hairpin turns and an average climbing percentage of 9.4% – up the steep walls of the Lysefjord, providing stunning panoramic views.

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